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Windshield Treatment: $35
Windshield cleaned with an ammonia-free cleaner Special chemical is used to remove water spots, tree sap, bugs, etc. Aquapel glass treatment applied. Add windshield wipers replacement for extra $20.
Rock Chip Repair: $35

Looking for fast and Convenient way to get your windshield rock chip fixed? No Appointment Needed. Done in 20 minutes. Lifetime Guarantee!

Tint Removal: From $55
We can safely remove window tint from your windows without damage.
Seats Shampoo: From $55
Fabric, Leather and Vinyl Protection $55
Fabric Protection, Leather and Vinyl Conditioning: We can safely protect them from stains by sealing out unwanted materials. Our fabric protection resists oils, grease and hot and cold liquids that wear out your fabric. Once dried and cured they'll leave a layer of protective shield on all fabric upholstery, trim…
Ozone Odor Treatment: $55
Looking for fast and Convenient way to get rid-off odor? Ozone Odor Treatment removes stubborn odors from your vehicle: Cigarette smoke Mold and mildew Food and pets odor kills bacteria and more.. No Appointment Needed. Done in 30 minutes.
Carpet Shampoo: From $55
Mirror Replacement

Mirror replacements provide a solution when just the mirror glass is broken or complete side mirror. Exact fit for every make and model vehicle. Call Us @ 604.503.5565 For Price And Availability.


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  • computer precision cut tinting service.
  • lifetime warranty.

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