Window Tinting

Wind Glass® offers computer precision cut window tinting service with lifetime warranty for the life of your vehicle. Our facility uses Computer Cut software and equipment for window tint patterns, ensuring that a knife blade will never touch your vehicle’s windows. If film is hand cut on your car there are many potential risks to your vehicle:

  • Glass can easily be scratched.
  • Rubber seals around your windows can easily be trimmed.
  • There are greater chances of vehicle body damage from leaning on and over your car.

Our computer cut film guarantees 100% accuracy plus a clean film cut every time!  LIFETIME WARRANTY.

    • Rear Windows
      • 2 Door Hatchback ON SALE! $99 & UP
      • 4 Door Hatchback ON SALE! $159
      • 2 Door Coupe ON SALE! $159 & UP
      • 4 Door Sedan ON SALE! $178
      • SUV/Wagon ON SALE! $198
      • Minivan ON SALE! $265
    • Front / Windshield / Sunroof
      • 2 Front Windows ON SALE! $95
      • Sunroof
      • Windshield Strip
    • Wind Glass® Tail Light Tinting now available.

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Window tinting reduces interior fading, air conditioning, glare and passenger discomfort, while increasing the esthetic value and safety of your vehicle with automotive window tints.

  • Reduce Interior Fading
  • Reduce Eye Strain Glare and Increase Passenger Comfort
  • Reducing unwanted glare and unwanted heat and reduce Air Conditioning Costs
  • Increase the Look of Your Vehicle
  • Make Your Vehicle’s Glass Safer

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* Wind Glass® is not responsible for any product application in violation of your local laws.

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